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Welcome to Hunky Butlers, the UK's first choice for butlers in the buff!

Buff Butlers available anywhere in the Uk!

Lets get your party started!

Hunky Butlers are the perfect idea to attend any hen party, birthday or ladies night.

Whatever the occasion Hunky Butlers always provide the highest level of service that stands out from the crowd. We supply your party with topless party waiters who will offer your guests impeccable service with a contemporary twist. They will kick start the party by meeting and greeting your guests, serving drinks, plate up and serve food and ensuring that glasses are topped up throughout the party/event, and if you are partying at home they will even wash up and tidy for you!

There are times when girls just want to have fun, and there’s no better way to have fun on your hen night, baby shower or girls night in than with our gorgeous bare bum butlers

If your looking for a hen party idea for a fun night to remember with a cheeky twist then Contact Us or drop us an email through the contact page that is listed in the menu above!  


Newest butlers in the buff

Check out our new Buff Butlers in the Uk & in Ireland!

James Shent - Butler in the buff Birmingham Borja - Butler in the buff Aberdeen Andy Facchini - Butler in the buff Newcastle Enzo - Butler in the buff Glasgow Aaron - Buff Butler West Yorkshire Ben - Buff Butler Aberdeen Steven Jarrett - Buff Butler Wolverhampton Kriss - Buff Butler Newcastle and Durham Gaz - Cheeky Waiter Borders Murray - Buff Butler Scottish Borders Vaughan Buff Butler Dundee & Perth Troy - Buff Butler Manchester & Liverpool Jai Jai - Buff Butler Norwich & Ipswich Christian - Buff Butler West Midlands Tristan - Buff Butler Bristol & Devon Roger Skedd - Buff Butler London & Essex Scotty - Buff Butler West Lothian & Edinburgh Daniel - Buff Butler Sheffield Ryan - Buff Butler Central Scotland Demitri - Buff Butler Leeds Lewis - Buff Butler West Midlands Jermaine - Buff Butler Birmingham Gabriel - Buff Butler Glasgow Matthew Jukes - Buff Butler Northampton Joshua - Buff Butler London
Tommy - Buff Butler Edinburgh Trouble - Buff Butler Leicester & Birmingham Josh - Buff Butler London Ant - Buff Butler Dublin Matthew Stanley - Buff Butler Essex, Kent & London Iceman - Buff Butler Dublin Ash - Buff Butler Dundee Tom Snow - Buff Butler Oxford & London

If you think you've got what it takes to be a Hunky Butler then Contact Us now!

We offer the highest quality service and are among the best in the UK, our Hunky Butlers have been carefully hand selected. Whether you are interested in booking a group of cheeky butlers to greet your guests at the venue/private function, or just a discreet cocktail waiter to gently enhance the party atmosphere... If you want our buff butlers to do a little more after their male host duties then the Butler & Strip package can be arranged specially for you!
The butler & Strip package is proving to be ever more popular for hen nights, ladies nights and ann summers parties, the butler will do usually serve drinks for an hour or 2 and then perform a professional 15 minute strip dressed in the sexy uniform of your choice! Please call us up for more info on this package!

Buff Butlers Scotland:

Buff Butlers Scotland

Rick & Ben - Buff Butlers Aberdeen
Gabriel & Danny
Buff Butlers Aberdeen
Erwin & David - Buff Butlers Central Scotland
Erwin & David
Buff Butlers Edinburgh
Andy & Tyrese - Buff Butlers Scotland
Andy & Tyrese
Buff Butlers Glasgow

Pictured above are some of our top buff butlers based north of the border in Scotland. Request any butler you wish (subject to availability) for your event!
We can cater to practically anything, be it a hen night in a rented cottage, a meal with a few friends, birthday parties, gay events, charity nights and so on...

Our buff butlers in Scotland are all extremely professional, talented and well versed in the art of bringing you a fantastic evening!

Buff Butlers England:

Buff Butlers England

Buff Butlers North West England
Troy, Lloyd, Fabio & Armani
Buff Butlers Manchester, Liverpool, Stockport
Buff Butlers London and Essex
Tyson & Peter
Buff Butlers Kent & Essex
Iceman & Ant - Buff Butlers Dublin, Ireland
Iceman & Ant
Buff Butlers Dublin, Ireland

We also have some fantastic buff butlers in England crying out to be given the opportunity to ensure your evening will be one to remember!
Feel free to drop us an email enquiry any time regarding availability of any one these amazing Buff Butlers in England.

Please also check out our fantastic buff butlers in Scotland as well! We do not offer acts in areas they do not cover so you can rest assured we will do all in our power to supply you the man of your choice!

Book Butlers in the buff for anywhere in the Uk!

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Leeds, Doncaster, Sunderland, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk, Norwich, Nottingham, Hull, Yorkshire, Bolton, Wiltshire, Lancaster, Wales, Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Newcastle, Durham, Birmingham, Lancashire, Blackpool, Bristol, Gloucester, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Coventry, Leicester, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Portsmouth, Colchester, Essex, Basildon, Romford, Dorset, Poole, Brighton, Midlands, London, Hampshire, Cambridge, Kent, Maidstone, Hertfordshire, Northampton , Dublin..

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